Why to Buy 2021 Chevy Trax Apart from Affordable Pricing?


Well, when buying a vehicle, one has to ensure that it is within one’s budget and also fulfills all requirements an individual has. Chevy 2021 Trax is one of the vehicles which are reasonably priced as it starts from just $22,395 (LS model) and $24,195 (LT trim). However, ample features and an efficient powertrain are a few of the things which make people purchase this vehicle apart from its affordable pricing.

Have a look at this vehicle features and more to know why one should buy this vehicle other than the fact that it is reasonably priced before placing an order when visiting Morehead City Chevrolet dealer.

Trax’s single-engine option

One of the reasons why people opt for this vehicle is due to its more than enough powerful engine that makes commuting in this vehicle regularly bliss, especially when driving around in a city.

The engine equipped is a turbocharged one (4-cylinder 1.4L) which generates 138 HP; this is more than enough for people who are looking to buy a car for everyday usage in a city or town. This engine is quite refined and the turbocharged aspect ensures that this engine offers enough punch for people to enjoy a ride.

Steeping hard on gas pedal when on a highway increases the sound but provides ample acceleration to match it. Also, paired with automatic 6-speed ensures that gear changes are always smooth so that it doesn’t feel sluggish most of the time.

Though Trax takes about 9.3 seconds to reach 0 to 60 mph, which is slightly slower than some of the rivals in this category; the steady handling and controlled ride offer a solid feeling. Also, its quick steering capability makes this car agile when parking it or find a place in a parking lot, or simply maneuvering through congested traffic in urban areas.

Coming to brakes; when you take a test ride by going in a Chevy dealership Morehead City, you will notice that its brake is the best in this vehicle segment. They inspire confidence in drive and always feel firm and on-point always.

Lastly, it offers ample mileage that makes it ideal for everyday usage. In city you will get 24 mpg and on the highway 32 mpg, which is much better than vehicles in this class. Performance-wise, these are the reasons people buy Trax apart from affordability. Now have a look at the features, tech, and interior styling.

Simplistic yet beautiful interior

Apart from performance and reasonable price, 2021 Trax’s interior is another reason people purchase this vehicle. The cabin feels airy and spacious due to high seating layout of this car. Well-placed and designed dashboard user-friendly mounted touchscreen, and overall it looks sophisticated enough in this price range.

These are the reasons apart from affordable pricing as top why people are keen on buying Chevy Trax 2021 for solving their everyday commuting issues. With this car you can travel around in a city without any hassle and safely and also is a money saver due to its high fuel economy.

Hence, all you need now is to get one for yourself immediately!

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