What is it and How a Discrimination Lawyer Can Help?


Workplace discrimination is of many types. It creates a toxic work environment and overwhelms the victims so much that they either quit their jobs or slip into depression and stress. If you’re facing any of the following traumas at work, yours is a case of workplace discrimination. Have a look!

You’re Being Targeted Because of Your Race and Ethnicity

Racial and ethnic discrimination are proper cases of hate crime. If anybody (your superiors, colleagues, or even your employer) makes you uncomfortable by directing racial slurs at you or you’re denied promotion opportunities and are being paid less because of your race or ethnicity, you’re very much eligible to file a lawsuit against the company. It’s because the management has failed to protect your rights.

You’re Being Targeted Because of Your Age and Gender

Age and gender bias are very disturbing cases of workplace discrimination. Let’s explain them one by one.

Age discrimination is mostly targeted towards employees in their 40s or more. They’re denied promotion opportunities and are paid less than the younger staff despite they’re equally efficient.

Gender discrimination makes things very frustrating for women at work. They’re denied promotions and paid less only because of their gender despite having the same qualifications, experience, and efficiency as men in their offices have.

You’re Facing Discrimination Because of Disability and Pregnancy

As long as the disability or diseases like AIDS aren’t hampering your work efficiency, employers do not have the right to fire you. Also, pregnancy cannot be used as a cause to fire a healthy woman carrying a child.

You’re Facing Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is a serious issue that the management should resolve ad-hoc. If they don’t, you should seek the help of an employment lawyer immediately.

Cases of sexual harassment at the workplace include the following:

  1. You’re being asked for sexual favors if you want a promotion.
  2. You’re being threatened that if you won’t provide sexual favors, you’ll be fired.
  3. Your colleagues/employer make obscene gestures, touch you without your permission, or make you uncomfortable by passing sexual slurs at you.

You’re Fired Because You Reported Illegal Activities

This is a case of retaliation against a whistle-blower. If you reported illegal activities and that’s why your employer is targeting you, you should seek legal help immediately.

That said, you need to realize that experienced employment lawyers who work tirelessly to serve justice are the kind of people you want to represent your case. Hence, choose an employment lawyer in Morristown very carefully.

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