Paintings, Sculptures, Feature Walls & More: How to improve your home with art

One of the very best things about art is the fact that it can have an immediate impact wherever it is placed and can instantly turn the environment and setting in which it has been placed into something a lot better without too much effort.

Indeed, artwork has always been used as one of the main methods in which individuals will opt for when looking to improve the rooms within their homes and buildings, as it has a unique ability to make a difference that other standard objects may not be able to accomplish by themselves.

Art is known to be the beauty within the eye of the beholder, thus making it incredibly versatile and appealing to many, whilst also creating a topic of interest for many, as well as a conversational starter.

With so many different ways and methods in which art can improve the home, these are just some of the most popular and perhaps some of the most effective ways in which they can be used to bring the home to life.

Paintings & Sculptures

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to bring the home to life and improve it via the use of art is to install a number of paintings and sculptures throughout the various rooms that can be found.

For instance, the living room or the hallway can be the perfect area to hang a couple of paintings by the Italian artist Angelo Accardi as each of his pieces are incredibly unique and will offer viewers with a visual experience that will likely lead into conversation and get people talking each and every time they see them.

Indeed, paintings and sculptures are incredible pieces that will always capture the eyes and whilst each of them may provide different interpretations to the individuals that see them, there is no doubt that they will stand out and bring the room in which they appear to life.

Feature walls

Another art form that appears to have grown and emerged as a trend over recent years is the design of a feature wall within a room. The great thing about a feature wall is that they can essentially appear within any room and they have a unique ability to allow individuals to get creative with their personality, whilst also seemingly making the room appear bigger in which they are used.

For instance, many will look to use a feature wall within the master bedroom and potentially on the wall where the bed’s headboard is standing up against. Here, a completely different direction to the way in which the rest of the room looks can be used, with individuals able to make it stand out via their own creative flair and personality, whilst also breaking the room up a little, thus helping to make it look a little bigger.


Although they may not always look rather appealing or attractive, there is no doubt that adding shelving units within a home can help to make the area look a little more artistic, as well as creating additional space that is always handy.

Shelving units are actually rather customizable and can be made personal as individuals are able to paint them to match the interior of the room that they are used in, whilst they are useful platforms in which photos, sculptures, vases and other forms of art can be placed on and used to make the room appear more decorative.


One of the easiest ways in which a home can become instantly more attractive and decorative is via the use of mirrors. The reflective pieces of glass can help the room become more attractive because they can help to make rooms look brighter and bigger when placed on the walls, whilst they can also help to fill out empty spaces that may be had on a wall or even within a corner of a room via the use of a standing mirror.

Soft Furnishings

As mentioned, art can literally be anything as it is all down to the unique tastes that individuals have and how they perceive certain objects and elements, therefore soft furnishings is another great option that can help to improve the home.

Many will look at items such as curtains as a means of making the room that they are situated in appearing more attractive, whilst also helping to provide a feeling of expansion and even warmth in some cases, whilst cushions, bedding and other soft furnishings can all be used to help bring vibrancy, personality and creativity to each room that they are used in, as well, thus improving the overall look of the home.


Styles of calligraphy art

Are you searching for Islamic calligraphy art for sale? If you are looking up Arabic calligraphy for sale, you are likely to see varied styles of Islamic calligraphy, which is the art of inscribing verses and chapters and words from the Holy Quran in beautiful fonts. All scripts can be done in calligraphy but the Arabic script looks exceptionally beautiful in calligraphy. That’s because of its abundant loops, dashes, curves, dots and diacritical marks as well as letters that can be broken and seamlessly merged with other letters.

As Arabic calligraphy primarily got a lease of life after the emergence of Islam as the principal religion in Arabia, it has become synonymous with Islamic calligraphy. Here below we have briefly tried to explain the popular fonts of Arabic calligraphy.

  • Kufic: Considered to be one of the earliest fonts in which the Glorious Quran is said to have been inscribed, the Kufic style was developed in the seventh century in Kufa, Iraq. It is believed that at that time, the Arabic alphabet had few or no diacritical marks. When non-Arabs began to enter the fold of Islam following the Arab conquests of their regions, the Kufic script’s use in transcribing the Quran began to wane. Because the non-Arabs were unfamiliar with Arabic, diacritical symbols were introduced into the Arabic script in order to catalyse ease of reading. The Kufic font was also difficult to read – it had horizontal strokes and round characters with tiny counters. In the 10th century, it began getting replaced by Naskh font for the purpose of inscribing the Quran though it still was used for ornate purposes.
  1. Naskh: This cursive font’s popularity drew from both the ease in reading and writing that it offered. Still the standard font for inscribing the Holy Quran, Naskh is also the default style of modern Arabic script, and is used in newspapers, magazines, official documents, and private communication.
  2. Thuluth: Thuluth is similar to bur grander and prettier than Naskh. ‘Thuluth’ means ‘one thirds’ in Arabic as one-thirds of the letters are straight. Its striking, magnificent appearance comes from the long, vertical lines and strokes, broad spaces between the letters as well as obvious dots and diacritical symbols. These ornate features make it best for Islamic calligraphy art and is used a lot on buildings and monuments. The Taj Mahal, for example, has Thuluth calligraphy on its walls.
  3. Nast’aliq: This simple yet pretty regional font was developed in Iran . Applied as well for non-religious functions such as writing court papers, its name ta’liq means “hanging”. It is used for writing Farsi, Urdu and other related languages too. The letters slope slightly leftward giving the script a little slant.
  4. Diwani Jaali: This font was devised in the sixteenth century during the Ottoman reign. It is a very ornate and elaborate style of writing – the letters slant slightly, and the narrow spaces between them are filled with decorative symbols. The Diwani Jaali style is not easy to read and was thus applied in writing secret papers of the ‘diwan’ or royal court. These days, its ornateness makes it a popular option in Arabic calligraphy for sale or Islamic calligraphy art for sale.

Kids Spray Pool

Intex Kids Children Inflatable Gator Adventure Paddling Pool Slide Water Spray

For Hot Summer Fun, this extraordinary item from Intex is certain to energize children and grown-ups alike. Slide and play with Intex Gator Play Center. It incorporates a water slide with landing tangle and wading pool and a fun water sprayer in the tail, which just connects to your patio nursery hose.

Utilize the patio nursery Hose to splash a shower of water! Children can play for quite a long time and hours in the mid year and not get tired, the Gadget Deals & Comparision can help you to hire professional.

This pool water limit is 109 liters which can be exhausted with the highlighted channel. It can withstand greatest weight of 81 Kg. This pool measures 99 x 55 x 34 Inch which is ideal for any greenery enclosure or outside play range.

Item Features:-

  • Includes Paddling Water Pool, Water Slide with Landing Mat, and Water Sprayer.
  • Hours of Water Fun Game for Kids and Children.
  • Water Sprayer Spout Attaches To a Garden Hose. Repair Patch Included.
  • Approximate Inflated Size 99 x 55 x 34 Inches.
  • For Ages 2+ Years, Maximum Load Capacity of 81 Kgs. Slide Capacity 50 Kgs. Pool Capacity of 109 Liters.

Chad Valley Children’s Pool Set with Spray Turtle

The Chad Valley Children’s Pool Set with Spray Turtle is a fabulous toy set for quite a long time of fun in the sun. And also a pool, there’s a cool shower turtle that squirts water when connected to a hose, a clever coral piece and two rings.


  • 2-level development.
  • Double valve admission and free-stream debilitate valve.
  • Water sprayer incorporates inflatable toys repair patch.
  • Capacity 302 liters.
  • For ages 3 years and over.

Intex Whale Spray Inflatable Kids Pool

Amid hot days, there’s no better route for children to chill than with the Intex Whale Spray Inflatable Kids Pool, which is furnished with an astute tail that delicately showers water from above.

Key Features

  • This whale-molded pool includes a one of a kind tail that tenderly splashes water as the children are playing. The inherent sprayer fitting can be appended to a greenery enclosure hose.
  • Made with 0.28mm vinyl.
  • Includes repair patch.
  • For children aged 2 years+.

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ips to choose the Interior Furniture

We all want our house to look awesome and spacious always. We always want people to share awesome reviews about our house. The living room is the most important part of our house because the first appearance for any guest who is coming to our house is living room. No one wants the living room to look messy. This is the reason why house owners always try to make sure that the living room is well designed and it must give comfort to the people who are sitting. While designing a living room furniture plays a vital role whenever we try to decorate our living room we have many questions in mind like what should be the color, what should be the looks etc. in order to get answers of such questions here we are.

At the time of purchasing furniture you must not only keep the looks in mind but you must also make sure that the quality of the furniture is good. The reason is that furniture doesn’t come in small prices. They are high in price and so you are not to change those every year. So better look for quality products. You can opt for fabfurnish furniture coupons in order to get some discounts.

  1. Start with the necessary items

When you are looking to buy furniture you must keep the necessary thing at the top for example sofa, center table and arm chair. Only after completing these things you should go for the rest or additional things.

  1. Do some math

Before purchasing these things you must measure the dimensions of the room and sketch out a plan on a piece of paper. You must also keep the traffic in mind so that you won’t face any difficulty later on. This will help you in getting a good picture of the living room and you will be able to plan out the path way accordingly.

  1. Activities in living room

At the time of planning you must keep an eye on the functions or the activities you are going to do in your living room, because you will have to plan out cabinets and other things as well. You must also plan whether you are going to hang the TV or you are going to place it on the cabinet. If the room is medium or small you must go for hanging TV, this will save a lot of space, but if it is huge you can pace it over the cabinet. This will add a good look to your living room.

  1. Keep the existing architecture in mind

At the time of planning you must keep your existing architecture in mind this will help you buy the things that will match the theme of your living room. You will also be able to get the plan the interior design.

  1. Make out a plan

We have already mentioned that you must plan out the things. In order to buy such things on discounted price you must try Limeroad coupons. Planning out the things clear up many things and so one don’t have to worry for future disturbances. If you have planned well, you will get the best looks.


Buy Luxury Furniture in Australia for your Home

Furniture is a standout amongst the most imperative parts of useful and embellishing things in a house. It is essentially a thing made with a blend of practical and tasteful qualities. Every furniture item is designed for certain functions and also being the part of the space or room’s beautifying components. A portion of the furniture are intended for particular utilize or reason; the outside furniture is intended for the open air utilize that made the furniture ought to meet certain capabilities for giving the best capacities in the open air space or environment.

The magnificence of extravagance furniture is that even a solitary piece can totally change the look and feel of a room. It’s valid! Whether you’re after a genuine can hope for your lounge area or a bespoke stunner to assume pride of position in your parlor, the ideal beginning stage for anybody searching for that extraordinary bit of fantastic furniture is in Australia.

From rich and refined cushions that will coordinate the stylistic layout of any home to custom, agreeable bed for your four-legged companion that matches the stylistic theme of your space, you can discover endless cheapest furniture in Australia.

However, there are sure things to consider while purchasing fantastic furniture:

The first thing you ought to consider while buying wholesale furniture is its material. Great material is vital; it is prescribed to pick furniture made of solid and dependable materials.

The second thought will be its quality. It is specifically identified with the paint completing and additionally the procedures on the materials to make them more grounded and enduring in the open air environment. The advanced open air furniture is typically including compound procedures to make the materials more grounded furthermore last more.

The third thought is the outline of the furniture. The planner outside furniture can be the ideal decision. The vast majority of the furniture things made by furniture architects are fit for serving the proposed capacities and also made of good quality materials.

The fourth thought is identified with the capacities. The contemporary furniture intended for the outside utilize that made of waterproof metal might serve the best capacity for the open air use. These furniture things might serve the best capacity for greenery enclosure or pool side furniture. It is likewise a smart thought to pick furniture with complex capacities to make it more flexible and practical.

The fifth thought is about the measure of the furniture. The accessible space might influence the perfect size of the furniture. The feasting open air furniture that can fit the accessible outside space might give the capacities to eating use in the outside without making the outside space excessively swarmed. The extent of the furniture might influence the solace too; it is not prescribed to pick little furniture that is not or less agreeable to use because of the accessibility of littler space.

The sixth thought is the cost. No one needed to buy things excessively costly. It is conceivable to secure open air furniture with moderate cost on the used shop or market and also having more genuine chase on the furniture markdown offers. It is possible to discover cheapest furniture in Australia at reasonable cost with more efforts.

Your home is a place where your personality stands out. So make choice of the furniture carefully to accomplish this easier than ever before.


What Are The Different Advantages Of A Storage Space For Your Home Or Office

Now the shopaholic nature of the human beings makes their lifestyle difficult. Shopping throughout the year cannot be accommodated in a small apartment, because you need more storage space for this. Apart from that, storage is basically identified as the indoor, outdoor, garage and office storage space. In this these sections, you need sufficient storage space for your goods like, indoor storage space means bookshelf, kitchen and bedroom cabinets and other types of shelves. But before your install these storage cabinets, you need to take the proper measurement of your room and then you can install the storage cabinets accordingly. Apart from that storage space is very important for your convenient lifestyle.

# Advantages of the Storage Space:

The industry of self-storage is getting day by day popular because of the infinite range of advantages of the storage space. It is the ideal solution for dozens of situations and some of them are mentioned below.

  1. Organizing party at home – It may happen that your colleagues are demanding for a party at your home to celebrate your promotion. Even though you are ready, may be your home is not as it is stuffed with unnecessary things. Storage unit is the best possible option for a quick move of those items to enhance your living room space for having fun in the party.
  2. Emergency situation – There are many emergency situations like natural calamity, death may come into your way where you need to pack up your necessary things to leave from the area. But for the time being who will take care of the precious assets? It’s not at all possible for you to take each and every thing along with you. In such a circumstance, storage unit will be the solution to manage your things temporarily.
  3. Absorbing clutter – For many busy bachelor persons, home is a space buried in clutter. They hardly get any time to move the clutter away from closets, basement or attic. Even if they get time in the weekends, they mostly do not find the urge to that. Gradually, they will become used to with all these clutters. But such a messy home can reflect a bad impression in the eyes of the visitors. Hence, if you are really in a need of extra space, self storage is the most cherishing solution for you.
  4. Rationalizing expenditure – In the modern hard financial times, every individual needs to crop their expenditure to withstand the hard times. Following this strategy, there is an ongoing trend of shifting into a smaller home. Such step may reduce down the renting charge and so, saving is possible with a little compromise. But they get terrified at the thought of making space for keeping massive things. In that case, storage units can be an ideal option to store the essential as well as expensive things.
  1. Remodelling – If you have thought to incorporate many a new thing while refurnishing or remodelling your home, it will certainly take time. But the furniture and other valuable articles of your room may get scratched in the due course of remodelling. A storage unit can help you out by taking charge of the furniture until your home takes a new look as you have thought of.
  1. Shifting – One of the most common scenarios when the individuals need sufficient storage space is while shifting from one dwelling place to another. But it may happen that the new home is still left with painting, so it is not a good idea to move the expensive furniture pieces in the new home.

Though you have always the option to keep them in the old home, some may not have that option for various practical reasons. But everyone can take the advantage of the storage space provided by the facility. click here to know everything about storage facility.