Paintings, Sculptures, Feature Walls & More: How to improve your home with art


One of the very best things about art is the fact that it can have an immediate impact wherever it is placed and can instantly turn the environment and setting in which it has been placed into something a lot better without too much effort.

Indeed, artwork has always been used as one of the main methods in which individuals will opt for when looking to improve the rooms within their homes and buildings, as it has a unique ability to make a difference that other standard objects may not be able to accomplish by themselves.

Art is known to be the beauty within the eye of the beholder, thus making it incredibly versatile and appealing to many, whilst also creating a topic of interest for many, as well as a conversational starter.

With so many different ways and methods in which art can improve the home, these are just some of the most popular and perhaps some of the most effective ways in which they can be used to bring the home to life.

Paintings & Sculptures

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to bring the home to life and improve it via the use of art is to install a number of paintings and sculptures throughout the various rooms that can be found.

For instance, the living room or the hallway can be the perfect area to hang a couple of paintings by the Italian artist Angelo Accardi as each of his pieces are incredibly unique and will offer viewers with a visual experience that will likely lead into conversation and get people talking each and every time they see them.

Indeed, paintings and sculptures are incredible pieces that will always capture the eyes and whilst each of them may provide different interpretations to the individuals that see them, there is no doubt that they will stand out and bring the room in which they appear to life.

Feature walls

Another art form that appears to have grown and emerged as a trend over recent years is the design of a feature wall within a room. The great thing about a feature wall is that they can essentially appear within any room and they have a unique ability to allow individuals to get creative with their personality, whilst also seemingly making the room appear bigger in which they are used.

For instance, many will look to use a feature wall within the master bedroom and potentially on the wall where the bed’s headboard is standing up against. Here, a completely different direction to the way in which the rest of the room looks can be used, with individuals able to make it stand out via their own creative flair and personality, whilst also breaking the room up a little, thus helping to make it look a little bigger.


Although they may not always look rather appealing or attractive, there is no doubt that adding shelving units within a home can help to make the area look a little more artistic, as well as creating additional space that is always handy.

Shelving units are actually rather customizable and can be made personal as individuals are able to paint them to match the interior of the room that they are used in, whilst they are useful platforms in which photos, sculptures, vases and other forms of art can be placed on and used to make the room appear more decorative.


One of the easiest ways in which a home can become instantly more attractive and decorative is via the use of mirrors. The reflective pieces of glass can help the room become more attractive because they can help to make rooms look brighter and bigger when placed on the walls, whilst they can also help to fill out empty spaces that may be had on a wall or even within a corner of a room via the use of a standing mirror.

Soft Furnishings

As mentioned, art can literally be anything as it is all down to the unique tastes that individuals have and how they perceive certain objects and elements, therefore soft furnishings is another great option that can help to improve the home.

Many will look at items such as curtains as a means of making the room that they are situated in appearing more attractive, whilst also helping to provide a feeling of expansion and even warmth in some cases, whilst cushions, bedding and other soft furnishings can all be used to help bring vibrancy, personality and creativity to each room that they are used in, as well, thus improving the overall look of the home.

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