Most Trusted Home Builders in Australia


A home building is a building important part of someone’s life. When one is building a home, he or she is creating a safe space for themselves for most probably their whole life. Home is something one creates and nurtures for their whole life. It is one of those material things that a person can call their own. Thus, a lot of effort, trust, and thinking is poured in when one decides to build their home and get a home builder that one can trust and one that puts the same amount of effort and love into building the right kind of home for one. A home builder that is known for their top-notch quality, reasonable pricing, and promising results is the one that a person should choose for their home.

Some of the most trusted home builders in Australia according to HIA are,

  • Metricon Homes
  • ABN Group
  • MJH Group
  • BGC Housing Group
  • Hutchies

Metricon Homes

Metricon homes is one of the best home-building companies in Australia. They have been providing one of the best homes to their customers for 40 years now. A wide variety of home structures are covered in their expertise that includes One block, two homes, KnockDown ReBuild, Townhomes, or Country Living. They have a wide variety of décor selections in their catalogs and can also customize structures according to the need and wishes of their customer.

ABN Group

ABN Group has been providing home building services for more than 40 years now and is one of the most privileged and trusted home building companies as they have provided Australians with more than 85000 homes. Their home plans include all houses ranging from first homes to elite luxury residences.

MJH Group

MJH Group was established in 1998 and has been serving the local community since then. It is a private investment and management firm. Their long tenure has helped them gain a lot of experience and thrive in completing the demands of the local community. During these times they have grown and adapted to the modern age needs and grown to be among the top 5 home building companies in Australia.

BGC Housing Group

Whether one is planning to build on their first home, investing in their dream home or looking for a company to renovate their existing ones, BGC Housing group comes up with the best plans at the most reasonable pricing. They give customer’s wishes a top priority and have policies to accommodate financially according to the customer.


Hutchies also known as Hutchinson Builders has also been recognized as one of the top home-building companies in Australia by HIA. Hutchinson builders are not constricted to just building homes but various other infrastructures such as schools, colleges, storage buildings etc.


Building a home is always an important experience for oneself. A safe space, a home for their family, a place where they can hide from the world and protect themselves from the shackles of the world outside should be made with the help of trusted peeps. To get more knowledge about home builders, follow

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