Importance Of Breastfeeding For The Health Of The Baby


After parturition babies need to stay near the mother. This is not because of any physical condition. The baby stayed inside its mother during all the growing stages and it is a reflex that it may feel protected in presence of the mother. Your body can do incredible things while you’re pregnant, but it’s not always so easy to feel confident in your own ability to bring a baby into the world. The website will give you some insights so that you can prepare yourself mentally for giving birth and be more confident about what’s going on. Just after parturition, the process of breastfeeding starts which is also an essential element of growth. There are some aspects of breastfeeding that are important for the baby so that proper growth can occur.

Importance Of Breastfeeding

Every mother should properly maintain their necessary actions after delivery of the baby. Taking care of the baby includes proper nutrition so that the baby can grow in a normal way. Breastfeeding plays a major role in nutrition because the babies can sustain this condition. There are some things to remember while breastfeeding like best position for breastfeeding babywhich can help the baby stay in its comfort zone while being fed. The importance of breastfeeding a baby is given below:

  1. Breastfeeding is the only way after parturition in which the baby can get proper nutrition. In the early stages, all the enzymes for digestion never start working directly. So the time taken to have proper production of these enzymes should be given and until that time breast milk can be one of the best choices to have proper digestion and gain nutrition.
  2. The best part about breast milk is that it has essential elements that are necessary for building a perfect immunity are present in breast milk. It is essential for the baby as just after birth the immune system is not formed perfectly. So that baby stays prone to diseases, but with proper intake of breast milk in time they can easily develop better immunity.
  3. Breastfeeding is the key to gaining nutrition just after delivery. Newborn babies take their essential nutrition from the breast milk only. Each nutrient is equally important for the nourishment of the cells ultimately resulting proper body growth.

Thus from both nutritional aspect and medicinal aspect breast milk is extremely important for the baby. Proper functioning of the cells along with cellular growth should be normal so that the baby can grow up healthy and filled with immunity to tackle the diseases. There are some aspects of breastfeeding in a proper manner like the environment in which breastfeeding is done and the condition necessary for breastfeeding.

The best part about comfortable breastfeeding is the position in which both the mother and the baby feel comfortable so that the feeding process can continue well. Thus best positions for breastfeeding is one of the major aspects of feeding the baby properly. The positions differ among mothers and thus the best ways should be administered.


For maintaining a proper health some months after delivery one should definitely check for the best positions and a perfect environment for the baby. The time of breastfeeding should not be shortened without taking advice from doctors. Every nutrient present in them is essential for proper growth of the baby.

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