Ajax MLS Listings for real estate properties


Ajax municipality has an interesting story on how it got its name. It used to be part of landmass of Pickering originally. The place was used for the British Navy in the early 19th century. The name Ajax was actually the name of battleship. Ajax name was first implemented to the countryside and the dockyard. In 1941, there was establishment of a shell plant of Defense industries Limited in the region and it worked as a major source of employment for many years. The industry removed all war related equipment when the war subsided and gave the building to University of Toronto to use as its classroom. The classrooms (Ajax Division) of the university were used until 1949 and then the division was shut down by the university. By this time the area had built up by itself to become one of the thriving communities. It was only in the late 19the century when the town became Ajax town as a part of Durham Region.

With higher number of population moving in the area has exploded in the recent years. There has been a number of builds of new homes as the city continues to grow. In order to save much of its greenspace there has been a policy implemented in Ajax where people can built only single family detached home on their own lots. This will ensure that the nature is kept untouched and safe. Northwestern area of Ajax is still rural with remaining parts however are flourishing and expanding with urbanism and industrialization. There is a lot of housing investment potential here with new houses continued to be built. There is lot of housing and real estate agencies running their business successfully in the area. If you are planning to look for any new house in the area you can search Ajax MLS Listings for new property and its value. The city is multicultural with people of all races around the world living here with peace and harmony. There are hospitals for any medical emergency and the city is connected to the bigger cities and towns via Highway 401. You need not worry about the education of your kids as you can easily find the elementary and catholic schools in the town.

For residents in the town there are a number of indoor and outdoor activities available in the town. You can find trails for the cyclist and joggers with numerous parks. People in Ajax advocate cycling with high regards. If you are planning to live in peaceful environment with opportunity of expanding business you can search Ajax MLS Listings for vacant property. It will be deal that is worth it and you can have your own business started in vacant lots available there. There are office spaces available that can attract investors in the region. You will mostly find the single family detached and semi-detached home in the area. However, there are areas that have condos, retails and office space for sales and lease.

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