How Handy Are the Service Coupons Offered by Car Dealerships?


If you own a vehicle from a reputed car dealership, it is quite common that you must have been offered several benefits for being their valued customers. If you have already received a bunch of service coupons from them, which you thought of ignoring, we would suggest, better not. As a vehicle owner, you must be having an idea that your vehicle will need constant maintenance once it crosses the first milestone of 3000 miles. And we assume that you also know that these maintenance services do not come free of cost. So, if you are given the opportunity to lower the cost by availing these discount coupons, there is no point in losing these opportunities.

The service coupons offered by car dealerships might cover a bunch of maintenance or repair services, which your car will need in near future. So, if you take a note on these coupons, and remind yourself to avail the discount offer before they expire, you will be actually helping yourself. At the counter from where we got the Bridgman service coupons, we got to know some useful information about how to make most of these service coupons, or in other words, how these serviced coupons come handy when it comes to maintenance of your vehicle.

How Do These Service Coupons Work

The service coupons or service vouchers that you might have received from your car dealership works in a certain way. It all starts with the event of your car purchase, when you will be notified that every dealership also runs a service center to make maintaining of your vehicle easier for you. At that time you might be offered such service coupons which will cover a certain type of service, and a validity date, within which you have to avail the offer.

Eligibility Criteria

To avail the service coupons, every vehicle owner needs to meet certain criteria. Usually vehicles that have usually crossed more than 125,000 miles are considered as eligible for such coupons. It is considered the most common milestone that can be chosen to be allotted these service coupons. The coupons are either released from the car dealerships, or from the manufacturer itself that reach the users through the dealerships.

Any car buyer who has bought a car from a particular dealership earns about 1,000 points and when it reaches 20,000 points for taking their cars to their service center, they become eligible to earn these service coupons.

The dealership staff from whom we received our service coupons near Bridgman suggested, one can easily earn 6 points for spending every $1 at the service point of an authorized car dealership. Apart from this, buying car accessories and parts from the same dealership would earn them more points which will keep adding to the eligibility criteria, and once the score reaches 20000 points, one can redeem these coupons and vouchers and get their cars maintained and repaired at a much lower cost than what they had to pay otherwise. .

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