Why is 2021 Honda Accord Considered One of the Best Midsize Sedan?


More people are leaning towards getting a SUV these days rather than a sedan unless they are opting for a great luxury vehicle. SUVs have been the market leader but still sedans have a high sales number.

If you fall in the group of those people, then you should consider buying 2021 Honda Accord as it is currently one of the best mid-size sedans than you can get your hands on. However, have a look at specs in detail before you get one when going in Walnut Creek Honda dealer store.

Specification that makes 2021 Accord one of the best

There are numerous aspects as to what makes Honda 2021 Accord one of the best mid-size sedans in the market. However, the primary aspects that make it so can be divided into different parts like engine, performance, fuel economy, and interior features. So, without delay, take a look at these in-depth!

  1. Engine performance

Honda Accord is equipped with different engine specs; the base engine starts from 1.5L 4-cylinder that gives adequate horsepower of 192. However, most people selecting to purchase Accord 2021 go for the 2L 4-cylinder engine that creates an enormous 252 horsepower. Each of these engine is fitted with automatic ten-speed that making gear shifting a smooth operation.

Apart from these, if you are looking for an alternative option when it comes to engine, there is a hybrid option available too. This version has a 4-cylinder gas engine along with two electric motors.

From suspension to steering, everything comes together well to offer a swift ride that is hardly found in most other vehicles in this category. With accurate, predictable and responsive features, this car offers a pleasurable drive. Firm control and more makes Accord 2021 balance practical family vehicle and sport sedan perfectly.

  1. Perfect stylish interior that offers ample comfort and more

One of the reasons people choose Accord 2021 is due to its attractive interior. With a simplistic yet elegant design Honda makes it appealing to all who sees it. High quality materials are used for creating the interior portion as well as its spacious aspect makes riding inside comfortable than most other cars in this category.

Leather seats with cooling and heating options along with head-up display, 8-inch touchscreen for accessing infotainment, smartphone integration, USB and Bluetooth connectivity, and more; it is the perfect vehicle for a ride for driver as well as passengers.

  • Variants you can buy

Different versions of this model are available for people to book. The lineup starts from LX ($25,965), Hybrid ($27,565), Sport ($28,425), Sport SE ($29,915), EX-L ($32,285), and Touring ($37,895). You can choose any one you like; however, most people opt for the high end trims like Touring or EX-L. If you want to know about best deals then visit Walnut Creek Honda dealership.

Thus, all there is left for you to do is simply talk to the sales department of Honda dealership and book yourself a test drive. It is the best mid-size sedan that is available according to people due to the features mentioned above.

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