Protective Car Covers


Perhaps you have just gotten the car of your dreams an Aston Martin, Ferrari, Bentley or even a Porsche and you are very protective of it. Understandable, as this is your pride and joy and you don’t want anything to happen to it. What options do you have? Well, the first thing that comes to mind is a protective car cover.For starters it is more commutable than a garage as you can stick it in the boot and take it from location to location.There is no benefit buying a cheap and cheerful car cover if you want to protect you £90,000 new toy. The more expensive waterproof car cover do provide you with a much better level of protection against elements such as rain and sunlight.The minimum that you want for a car cover is for it to be water proof and is measured and designed to that individual make and model car, rather than a generic ‘one size fits all’ solution that will provide very little protection and will be flapping about in the wind.

You need to decide when the cover is going to be used, to enable you to buy the right one. Do you need a cover that will protect you from indoor and outdoor conditions? If so it will be worth getting something with a strong water repellent membrane and ideally a protective layer.Something else will be required for long term outdoor storage. Just protecting the car from rain will not be enough as you will also need to consider protecting the paint on the bodywork.Lightweight car covers will allow the car to breath and yet still provide a good level of protection from the sun’s harmful rays.Some car covers can be made to a choice of colors and in some cases completely made to the requirements of your wishes. It will be worthwhile asking for advice from a professional as they will know what it best to consider depending on what you have planned for the car in terms of location.

On Shoes and Weatherproof Car Covers

Some people love shoes, others love cars. This is the reason why you, as a car owner, should take extra precaution to take care of your most prized possession. Cars can be easily damaged by the weather, dust, wind, rain and a lot more. They are also prone to dents, dings and scratches. Much worse, they are prone to theft. If you scout the automotive market, you will find a lot of accessories that you can use to protect your car from natural hazards and other people that might harm your car. Here are top the top three accessories that you will need for your car.

  1. Car security systems. The newest advancements in technology have allowed for the automotive industry to take advantage of its breakthroughs. There is now a wide array of security systems available for your vehicle including motion sensors that are ideal for top downs and cargo areas for vans and trucks; glass break sensors that sound off the alarm when a window is broken; and remote output which allows the owner to expand its vehicle security capabilities.
  2. Weatherproof car covers. Weatherproof car covers are not only perfect for rain-heavy locations, as weatherproof car covers can also protect your car from bird droppings, wind, UV rays from the sun and the like. Weatherproof car covers can also deter theft as car thieves are less likely to steal cars that have weatherproof car covers because it would take longer.
  3. Fuel Additives. Protecting your car does not end on the outside, but you should also seriously consider protecting it from the inside? Fuel additives are compounds formulated to enhance the quality and efficiency of the fuel that you use in your motor vehicles. It also allows you to travel further using the same amount of gas because of the octane level boost from the additive.Unlike shoes, you cannot afford to be in other people’s cars because you’d rather be in your own where it’s safe, comfy and fast.

Why Do You Need Waterproof Car Covers?

Here are a couple of reasons why you would need them:

  1. Prevent unsightly dents, dings and scratches. When your car is brand new, there’s a certain feeling that you experience when you see that first dent, ding or scratch on your vehicle. Unfortunately, it’s something that we can’t really avoid. Using weather proof car covers can protect your car from these dents as these types of car covers can add a layer of protective padding to cushion your car against shopping carts or absent-minded car doors.
  2. Shades under trees are very inviting places to park your car. Although this may be so, saps, berries, pollen or roosting birds can wreak havoc to your car. Birds, with their impeccable ability to leave their droppings on your car, can be prevented with car covers.
  3. Put a barrier between your paint and damaging weather. Your vehicle only has 0.0006 inches of paint. By the time you notice these scratches, it will be too late.
  4. Harsh UV rays can damage your paint. Weatherproof covers are not only perfect for the rainy season. Using weatherproof car covers is like using sunscreen for your vehicle which blocks the harmful UV light and prevents it from degrading your car paint.
  5. Acts as excellent theft deterrence.

Benefits of Breathable Car Covers

There are numerous reasons to consider when purchasing the right car cover for your vehicle. You will want one that covers the following 3 key areas, at the very least.

  • Is it water resistant?
  • Is it manufactured from a material that allows moisture to escape through evaporation?
  • Does it offer protection from harmful ultra violet rays?

Regardless of where you live in the UK protecting your car is a necessity. A primary concern which is often overlooked is the degradation caused from dust and dirt. Causing the surface of your vehicle to become scratched and the paintwork will lose its finish becoming dulled. Significantly protecting your cars residual value.Breathable covers are typically manufactured from non-woven polypropylene. This is a thermoplastic and is used in a wide variety of applications and is resistant to many chemical solvents, bases and acids. The breathability of this material allows moisture which is created from condensation to evaporate, thus reducing the risk of corrosion or paint streaks from acid rain. So the small investment, required in purchasing a Breathable Car Cover is small compared to the many advantages. Also consider the time taken in covering your vehicle is small compared to the time wasted cleaning off tree sap and bird droppings. The covers are themselves are usually washable using warm soapy water.

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