Enchanting Unique Pearl Bracelet Designs You Have Not Seen Before!


Pearls are not just the jewelry that embellishes your beauty, but they are a definition of beauty themselves! From neck piece to a beautiful bracelet, you can wear them in any form you want. Talking about bracelets, your hand is the first thing one would notice. Whether you are greeting someone, shaking hands to thank, close a deal or start a partnership, pearl bracelets will make an impression. So why not beautify it! Here are a few unique bracelet designs that will suit your style.

  1. clover shaped bracelets

Pearls are not just for women, but men can also wear them to make a lustrous statement. According to Irish tradition, clover leaves are said to be the symbol of good luck. Just like the four leaves symbolize faith, hope, love and luck, the bracelet also wishes the same for the wearer with the purity of pearl.

  1. Butterfly bracelet

Showing a drastic life cycle, the butterflies are the sign of freedom and beauty emerging from a small Caterpillar. This pearl bracelet is a perfect definition of elegance.

  1. Flower bracelet

Fragile and tough, flowers are the best for women. Moreover, if you want to convey any message, choose a pearl of the desired color and gift it to the lady. Perfect!

  1. Multicolored bracelet

Whether it is a man or woman, multicolored bracelets are something that both can wear.

  1. White pearl and silver stoned bracelet

Silver and white pearls are said to be a calm combination. At the same time, they show utmost perfection and excellence in their field.

  1. Black and white

The most fashionable and stylish of all other combination, the black and white is an evergreen mix. If you want to gift your brother or friend, just add a bro-code tag and your gift is ready. Same applies with the gifts to your sisters, in-laws, friends, mothers or daughters.

  1. Yellow gold

With the color of warmth, richness and prosperity, the gold bracelets with yellow pearls are the best gift for a woman.

  1. Black leather and silver cuffed bracelet

Usually, made from freshwater pearls, these black leather and silver cuffed bracelets are perfect for your casual wear.

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