Subcompact SUV 2021 Mazda CX-30 Still One of the Best in SUV Segment


The rising demand of subcompact SUVs has led to different manufacturers developing new automobiles in this category to attract the interest of people. However, one of the cars Mazda CX-30 still remains as one of the best vehicles in the SUV division. The 2021 CX-30 is a remarkable car that every SUV enthusiast should get it by consulting Mazda dealer Glendale. Take a look at this vehicle in detail before booking it!

Models and interior design

Similar to other vehicles from Mazda, CX-30 comes in 14 different trim styles that ensure, an individual will have all of his/her requirements filled when opting for this vehicle. The base model starts from $23,300 approximately. However, if you are adamant about purchasing a CX-30, then you should opt for any of the Turbo versions. Turbo series include Turbo ($31,000 -$31,300), Turbo Premium ($33,400), Premium Package ($33,700), Premium Plus ($35,000), and Premium Plus Package ($35,300).

All prices mentioned here are approximately estimated. However, to know about all the deals as well as know the exact amount for a particular trim you will require paying, visit Glendale Mazda dealership.

Now coming to the interior portion of this vehicle, people need to understand that Mazda always offers remarkable craftsmanship when it comes to their vehicles. This is what they have done with CX-30. A stylish and efficient dashboard along with intuitive and user-friendly controls ensures a complete layout to be favorable for drivers.

Leather upholstery, heated seats, audio system with 8-12 speakers depending on people’s choice, climate control, and more are offered to people depending on the model one purchases. Moreover, the cabin is sufficiently spacious for people to sit comfortably with ample legroom. Also, it has enough trunk space that can fit 6 carry-ons which is better than most subcompact SUVs.

The powertrain that makes CX-30 fun to drive

One of the reasons for this vehicle is considered one of the best subcompact SUVs is its powertrain. It is equipped with 2.5-liter engine which is a standard four-cylinder option. Also, it is paired with automatic transmission (six-speed) that gets 186-hp. Furthermore, as an option people can also choose a turbocharged engine that helps this vehicle output 250 horsepower.

This is a nimble vehicle as well as athletic and adds all the properties that make driving fun for all. Fuel economy is estimated at 25 mpg (city) and 33 mpg (highway).

Safety features

Ample safety features are included in this car along with several driver assistance features. Moreover, NHTSA has chosen to give this vehicle a 5-star rating, while IIHS named CX-30 to be one of the safest cars on road. Driver assistance includes blind-spot monitor, assistance with lane-keeping and changing, etc.

If you want a CX-30, then the base model starts from $23,300 approximately. However, if you really want to drive the best CX-30 model which will offer you the ultimate driving experience, then opt for the aforementioned high-end trims. It is the best subcompact SUV you can purchase nowadays.

Therefore, order your favorite trim today to make sure you get it quickly!

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