Enhance Your Lifestyle With Amazing Tvs In Pune


There was a friend of mine named Rahul Sharma who worked in a MNC in Hyderabad. Recently he shifted to Pune to start his own business. He had lot of things to look upon carefully before starting the business. So he was left with minimum time for the household purchases and he was very desperately seeking for assistance in this regard, when he got to know about rentone.in, a rental service in Pune city. When he inquired about the rental service he was amused by the feedback that he got and instantly decided to take their assistance.

When I do the case study of this instance I find many positives that might have gone through Rahul’s mind. Firstly, setting up a new business is no small a deal, so the money that one has in his hand should be judiciously used in establishing the start up rather than purchasing household products. Secondly, time is money, so the more time one wastes on not so important things, the more loss he incurs. Thirdly and most importantly the focus shift is not acceptable in growing up a startup which could have taken place if Rahul had decided to purchase the products on his own.

First few days of hard work passed and he was in need of something to make his mind refreshed after the hectic day. So he decided to rent a TV in Pune from rentone.in, he instantly switched on his laptop, opened rentone.in website and started looking for TV sets on rent in Pune. He witnessed a huge fair of television sets ranging from smallest of the brands to the larger brands that were unknown even to him before that point of time. He was stunned to see that and at the same time, confused because he wasn’t able to decide which one to book! So he went through the description of the TVs on rent in Pune on the website and finally made his mind in favor of a high class brand. Now he had to decide the size and type of the TV. He rented a big 3-BHK flat so he wanted to make it look classy and went for a LED TV of 85 inches for his drawing room.

Now the payment was due to be made and what he saw on the laptop screen surprised him as the rental charges and deposit for the booking of TV was extremely genuine and transparent. Without wasting a single minute he made the payment online. Few days later a minivan came to halt in the front of his apartment and the TV was unloaded. The rentone guys were very cooperative and brought the TV to his flat. Rahul was astonished to see the condition of the TV on rent in Pune as it looked brand new with no scratches. There was no way that anyone could have called it a rented TV. He signed all the papers and completed required formalities before making coffee for the rentone guys. He had a chat with them for about 20 minutes. They told him the procedure and level of quality testing that the product goes through to ensure best performance before arriving at customer’s home. They also assured regular inspections for any faults for his rented TV set in Pune. They advised him to install rentone.in app on his smartphone so that lodging complaints and doing inquiries become convenient for him.

Its been 8 months since that day and Rahul is very satisfied with the response of his rented TV in Pune. He blesses himself daily for taking that decision to go for rentone.in. The best online rental service in Pune.

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