Why You Should Consider Becoming A Teaching Assistant


1. A Very Rewarding Career

The main role of teaching assistants is to ensure that your students are doing well on a personal level as well as in school. You will be responsible for giving them the support they need at school while also being a guardian and a friend. You will be the person that each one of your pupils can go to when they require academic or personal assistance or support. This will help each one of your students to grow as an individual.

You will see the results of your hard work as your students do well in school and progress academically. Being able to watch your students grow and succeed is certainly extremely rewarding which makes this career very valuable.

2. School Hours Work Well For Family Life

It is no secret that time is the most important resource that we all have. As a result, being a Teaching Assistant is great because you’ll only need to work during school hours. As a teaching assistant, you’ll be able to enjoy fantastic work and life balance. This means that you’ll have your evenings and weekends off so that you can enjoy your life outside of work.

3. School Holidays

Additionally, each member of the staff at the school will also get holidays according to the school’s calendar. So, during the holidays, you won’t have any issues getting time off. This will ensure that you have sufficient time to be with your loved ones.

4. Make A Difference

When you’re a teaching assistant, you’ll be able to work with your students in a one-on-one fashion which is quite different from typical teaching. Basically, you’ll be assisting the teacher and will also be a role model that your students will look up to during their time at that school. This gives you a very unique role where you give the support needed to each one of your students while also helping those students who have learning disabilities or other issues excel at school. This makes this career extremely rewarding.

5. Each Day Is Different

As a teaching assistant, every day at school is different. For example, on one day you can be helping the teacher prepare lessons, on another you can be assisting particular students who have learning disabilities and on another, you may be helping students creatively display their work.

The difference between being a teaching assistant and opposed to a teacher is that you’ll experience a higher degree of job satisfaction since you won’t have the amount of pressure that teachers have to deal with while also working closely with your students. You’ll also be able to enjoy surprises throughout your job which means that you won’t get bored.

6. Lots Of Ways To Develop Your Career

In addition to helping your students succeed academically and personally, you will also be able to help yourself in the same manner. If you’re interested in progressing your career, then this is a great field since education has lots of opportunities to grow professionally.

A supply agency can offer recommendations on training as a teaching assistant. After you’ve finished your teacher assistant training and get experience as a teaching assistant, you will be able to make use of the numerous opportunities available in this field. You can choose to focus on particular academic pathways that appeal to you the most.

Lastly, when you become qualified, you can decide if you prefer to work with many different students, smaller groups of students that need special attention and support, and students that have special educational needs or disabilities. You can also choose to help teachers when it comes to planning their daily lessons or even become a high-level teaching assistant.

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