What To Expect Of Wayne Gattinella Double Verify New Position


Being appointed as the head of an ad verification firm is not easy. It calls for expertise and experience that are essential for delivery of high quality services that meet specific needs of clients. Wayne Gattinellanew CEO of Double Verify knows this and he is ready to put knowledge and experience that he has acquired from the corporate sector in the past ten years. He has spent a lot of time in managing performance of a WebMD site. He was in charge of information that is relayed via the website. Through his role in managing this site, he has helped WebMD connect with different brands in the health and pharmaceutical industry.

In his position, he has always ensured that there are no ads appearing in places that are not appropriate. He has also been given the task of being in charge of media monetization operations. He says that this post makes him well-equipped to handle tasks that lie ahead in his new position. He knows what it means to be in charge of managing an ad platform from a global perspective. As such, he is has the zeal and determination to take over his new position and deliver services that the ad firm expects from him.

Considering that this is a position that entails communication and marketing, this expert is determined to do everything that will earn the firm the results that it expects of him. He says that he will explore any channel that will enable the firm to achieve its goals in terms of advertising sales. Having served as an officer in charge of development of new products, this professional is confident that he will handle any task that will come his way in a very professional and satisfying manner. It is no doubt that the ad firm can expect nothing but the best performance from this professional.

Many people are looking at this opportunity as a very challenging one. However, this expert knows what it entails and how to deliver the best results that clients and the employer expects of him. As such, he is confident that he will deliver satisfying services. With his past record, many people are confident about the performance of this expert in his new position. They know that Wayne Gattinellanew position is the one that suits him appropriately. Therefore, the firm and clients of Double Verify can expect services and performance that is worth the value of the money invested in hiring him.

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