Top 5 Event Apps on 9 apps


9apps is the platform that provides free downloads of various apps especially premium apps that too free of cost. 9apps free download helps to download the files in apk formats which help to save a lot of space on the device and increase the speed of downloads. Events are the places every one wishes to attend. Nobody wants to miss a huge happening in his or her town or city. The various event apps have been described as follows:

  • XXX kaliningard bar: The app is intended for adult audience. The app was released in august. This was the most fashionable app for a long period of time. This is all about the extreme sports bars in the kaliningard. One can book tables with this app and have a look what is going on in the bar. The package is known to be best among all other apps. This has a very good user interface. The app is just 17.5mb.
  • Let’s dance: This app was released in June. This app will never allow missing any dance event in the city. Whether at home or on vacation this will help to be in touch with the dance events near the users. No one can deny that this app is a complete package. The user interface is too good and the size is just 5.3mb. No one will like to miss such a cool application and this is quite popular in this category.
  • NRC Assam final list inclusion and exclusion list: The app was released in October. This helps to check NRC status in no time. The whole process is being elaborated in the app. The users are required to provide some data but full security to their data is there in order to increase the trust of consumers. This is not an official app and has provided full efforts to be the best one in this sector. The app is just 5.5mb and provides full utility to the users.
  • Jhargovtv: The app is comprehensive and web enabled portal that act as an eye on activities of government. The interface is very good for all the users. Anyone can watch the important activities on this app related to the government. People can also have information about the live events. The Jharkhand agencies can also work through this app. This is an extended portal of the website of the government. The app is just 5.5 mb and is very easy to use.
  • Been together lite been love memory counter: The app provides daily love quotes and one can access the notification bar always. This can also count the number of days passed from the anniversary. This will notify after every 100 days and one can even customize the backgrounds. The pass codes help to increase the safety of the device and help to gain the trust of the users.

All these amazing apps are available on and one can go anytime and download them to avail the benefits. 9apps has numerous categories of apps.

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