The Exciting Things to Do in Batam Riau Island


Batam City in Riau Islandis is one of the most popular tourism destinations that many people love so much. This fabulous city can definitely offer you so various fascinating things to do. So then, you will find that you vacation in batam riau island can be so amazing and unforgettable at once.

Then, in case you are so willing to know what the exciting things that you can do while you are having a vacation in batam riau island, you better figure them out below:

The first of all exciting things that you have to do when you visit Batam City in Riau Island is to experience the adventurous outdoor activities. Well, there are actually so many great outdoor activities that you can do in the city, which some of them areparasailing, jet-skiing, windsurfing, flying fox, and so many more. All of them will definitely make you feel the more adrenaline pumping sensation that you really desire. So then, it is a must for you to try all of those outdoor activities. By doing so, you can definitely make your vacation in the city become much more amazing than ever.

  • Go shopping at the shopping center

Furthermore, the second thing that you better do when you are in Batam, Riau Island is to go shopping till you drop at many shopping centers in the city. One of them that you have to visit is the Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall. You will be able to find so many different cool souvenirs, perfumes, clothes, and so many other things at this particular mall. Aside of that, there is also the Batam City Square (BCS) that can be the very nice shopping center for you too. At this shopping area, you will find so many stores of clothes, restaurants, nail salons, and so on. All of them will offer you the friendly price, so that you will never run out of options of wonderful things and dive in to your pocket too deep every time you come there.

  • Taste the delicious seafood

Moreover, the other thing that can excite you during you during your vacation in Batam in Riau Island is to taste the delicious fresh seafood. Fortunately, there are so many tasty seafood menus that are provided by numerous restaurants especially when you come to the coastal area of the city, which can be like fried golden calamari, black pepper crabs, tasty prawns and oysters, and so on. Then, the best thing about it is that you can enjoy your dish and see the beautiful view of the beach or resorts there. Both of those things will definitely make you vacation become so tremendous in the best way possible.

So, those are some of the exciting things to do in batam riau island. All of them will definitely make you feel happyand also get free from any stress and boring things that you have got from your busy day. Even, you will always want to go back to the city every time you have a spare time.

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