Ron Hovsepian, A Responsible And Successful CEO


Novell, Inc is one of the most successful companies and it attributes its success to the CEO. Ron Hovsepian is the company’s CEO and has great leadership and business skills. He has been in business for a very long time and offers quality services to clients. He is of great help in his organization and his efforts have enabled the company to deliver quality services. Ron employs a strategic direction that enables him to lead his company to achieve the best in the field. What’s more, the company has emerged one of the best and a global provider of enterprise class software and services.

Ron is also a respected leader who joined Novell in June 2003. He became the president of North America and has also served as the chief operating officer. He played a crucial role in all his posts including a direct as well as a worldwide responsibility in marketing, product development, field operations, sales and consulting, technical services as well as field operations. Ron has also served in software development industries, executive and management positions as well as managing of global hardware among others. He is trained, well educated, experienced, and skilled CEO who has also worked for IntraLinks. He is specialized in the field and has stints in different sales and marketing positions.

Additionally, he has been a successful CEO with different IBM units. This is enhanced by the fact that he employs the best skills and has a proven track record in profit growth as well as revenue goals. He has also served as the managing director of internet capital group. This is a venture capital firm that has grown exponentially over the recent past. Ron has also signed agreements with different companies including Microsoft. The agreement was quite successful and it came to pass. After the agreement, he began working on a strategy that revolves around virtualization.

Ron Hovsepian is also known to have the best Business leadership skills. This is one of the factors that have enabled him to run his company successfully. He also adopts the best and latest IT solutions in business. He is also a whole round individual with the best experience in business leadership, IT solutions and management. Besides being a chief executive officer at Novell, he also works with consulting companies to deliver quality services. He is celebrated in the company for setting the best strategic direction. Therefore, Novell has been able to adopt all the strategies and latest IT recommended by its CEO to achieve greater heights.

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