Makeup Steps: How To Apply Makeup


Do you want to apply makeup and look great? You might feel like applying makeup, but you need to know how. Worry less. Here is your solution.

However, medical practitioners have warned against the heavy application of cosmetic products. They may adversely affect your face, including your skin ageing early. However, destructive substances such as polyquaternium-4 may cause other adverse effects on your skin.

Below is a step-by-step on how you can apply makeup and look great. Pay attention and try it out until you get the best out of it.

Before applying makeup, take the necessary steps to avoid a negative outcome of applying makeup. That may include; buying the right product, moisturizing your skin properly and ensuring to clean your skin with a brush after washing away your makeup.

Start with a moisturizer. 

Use a surfactant, no matter the type of skin, dry or oily. What is a surfactant? This substance reduces the surface tension of a liquid in which it is dissolved. Therefore hydrate your skin during the morning and evening.

Ensure that you wear the moisturizer between your hands before you apply it. However, you can also use an easy-to-soak cream that won’t spill the moisturizer.

Pat on your primer

Are you planning to have a long day out in the sun? Pat on your skin using your primer. It will help your makeup to stay on much longer, even during the scorching sun. However, you must first fully understand your skin. If you have hydrated skin, use a hydrating agent with vitamin C and other antioxidants.

However, you must be keen; some other hydrants may peel out the foundation. To avoid such disappointments, ensure that you apply a matte finish.

Apply foundation

The foundation can be applied using your fingers or a sponge. Otherwise, you will decide what gives you comfort. Afterwards, distribute the foundation evenly on the synthetic brush and apply it on the flat surfaces of your face. Finally, spread the foundation evenly with less brush, creating the impression of less makeup.

Conceal where you want more coverage

Do you have black spots that you would like to cover? Worry less. Cosmetics products work out perfectly, just like a mask. Applying your makeup requires you to have a keen eye so that you can apply your makeup evenly.

On the spot, if you want to conceal, leave large dark circles, starting them as small and finally building up to conceal the area you want.

Add some colour to your make-up.

Do you like how you did your makeup? If not, here is another opportunity to add or remove more colours. Therefore, you can add other colours to blend with your cosmetic makeup.

The application formula and the applicator may vary. Consequently, for powder makeup, ensure that you use your brush. Ensure that it is soft and fluffy and enables circular movements.


To ensure that you look good in your makeup, do eye shadow and define your eyes with eyeliner. Similarly, take enough precautions and do not wear cosmetic products for long. They may be more destructive than you might have thought.

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