In What Cases Would Encrypted Messaging Be Used?


Back in the day, sending unencrypted messages using SMS apps on a phone was the norm. Furthermore, even businesses used to send and receive text messages to and from their clients using SMS apps.

That is not the case anymore since both users and businesses started preferring encrypted messenger apps these days. So, what is the meaning of encrypted messaging?

Well, encrypted or secure messaging enables a user to send and receive messages only after the message is secured using end-to-end encryption. End-to-end encryption converts plain text into unintelligible or gibberish text before sending the same from the sender to the receiver and vice versa.

A key is generated from the sender’s end which would be used by the receiver’s device to unlock or rather, decrypt the encrypted message.

Why should one use an encrypted messenger?

Encrypted messaging is beneficial since it prevents hackers from gaining access to files or text messages that are confidential to the sender/receiver. Businesses should always go for messenger apps that use encryption technology since sending unencrypted messages containing business-critical information could lead to data thefts or exposure!

If that happens, damaged customer relationships and loss of confidence among business partners are some common examples of fallout!

 Furthermore, a business would also need to spend huge sums to recover the stolen data, patch-up the breach and battle negative publicity, at the same time!

In what cases would encrypted messaging be used?

Encrypted messenger apps should be used by an individual or a business in case the following are the priorities –

  • In cases where maintaining data security across multiple platforms and devices is a priority – Encrypted messaging apps allows a user or a business to ensure that all of their data, across all devices and platforms, are safe from prying eyes. These clever apps come with device authentication features that eliminate the risk of infiltration.
  • In cases where the movement of data securely over the internet is a priority –Messages are vulnerable when they are in transit. Encrypted messenger apps provide safety to the messages and files using active encryption and decryption processes.
  • In cases where maintaining the overall integrity of the data packets is a priority –Encrypted messenger apps keep data from getting altered during sending, transit and receiving processes. Data alteration could lead to loss of professional as well as personal relationships. This can be avoided if individuals and businesses start using encrypted messenger apps.

It should be evident by now that encrypting messages using an encrypted messenger app is beneficial for both individuals and businesses alike. However, not all encrypted messenger applications are alike when it comes to fulfilling their promises. Hence, one should be vigilant while choosing an app, whether it for their personal or commercial use.

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