Basic Facts of Repair Service Warranty

We all have come across the phenomenon of warranties that come with any branded product. There are also warranties that cover some services. The auto service warranty falls under this category. The leading vehicle manufacturing brands provide for their customers, warranty of their services, apart from their products. The sole purpose of offering these warranties is to assure their valued customers, that when they come with their vehicle to their authorized service centers, a major part of their services will have a warranty so that an ineffective repair job will be redone without charging extra money. We came to know about this advantage from our neighboring GMC dealership near Watsonville.

Briefing the Concept of Car Servicing Warranty

The car service warranties that are given by the manufacturing brand of a particular vehicle will ensure that a car owner will be automatically compensated with a redo of repair work if the first attempt of repair has gone in vain. 

The car servicing and repair warranties that are offered by the manufacturing brand usually cover a time span of the first three years from the date of ownership of the car, or till the car crosses a distance traveling 36,000 miles. Hence, one can get the advantage of this service warranty only till these milestones and validity date is not over. 

Services Covered in These Warranties

The warranties for car repair and services that are issued by the particular automaking brands will usually cover a wide range of services, but one might not expect these warranties to cover everything that is done to a car for its wellbeing. It is basically the plan of warranty the car owner chooses to subscribe that determines what and all services will get covered in the warranty. But sometimes, these warranties might also come from the dealerships as a special offer on some particular services. 

So, it becomes really necessary for every car owner to get some basic knowledge of the warranty terms and conditions, before subscribing to any of the plans. He must also calculate whether paying for this warranty will be economically beneficial for him, or whether paying for the repair services as and when the situation arises will be more advantageous. He must go through the sample contract paper thoroughly and carefully to know if it will really make any sense. 

What the warranties will cover also depends a lot on the condition if the car, like its age, odometer readings of its mileage, and its purchase history. Often the warranties are denied to the car owners who purchased the car from a third-party provider. Moreover, the maintenance history of a vehicle also counts a lot for a vehicle to become eligible for a warranty. 

We got to know from our long-trusted Cadillac service and Warranty center that sometimes the car owners prefer to pay for the sudden costly repairs than blocking their money for an uncertain service warranty. But those who know the worth of warranties prove their point the other way round. 


2021 Cherokee: The Off-Road Ready SUV from Jeep

When Jeep released the 2021 model year version of its flagship model Cherokee, it came with a clearly prioritized aim of making it an off-road drive expert. The capability that the 2021 Jeep Cherokee brought with it was overbearing than all of its other virtues that were no less alluring for the onlookers. 

But this time the 2021 Jeep Cherokee has received some refined values, that gave its practical boxy shape a nice makeover while its exterior now looks all ready for the jungle trips being painted in the newfound Forest Service green shade. At the Los Banos Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealer, when we got to see the 2021 Jeep Cherokee from a closer range, it surely grabbed our intent attention and allured us right away for an immediate test drive.

Getting Ready for the Road Adventures

As mentioned above, the 2021 Jeep Cherokee is exclusively prepared to explore the unknown territories, especially, the unpaved ones. For this, the automaker has left no stone unturned to prepare it with the best possible amenities and all this is done by gathering the most advanced technical support in every wing. Queueing up in the Latitude, Latitude Plus, Latitude Lux, Limited, and Trailhawk trim shades, the 2021 model year edition of Jeep Cherokee distributes its lengthy list of features in them by adding the number of features and increasing the quality of materials. Things also get better under the hood, as you climb higher trim levels, which justifies the higher price range.

However, all the trim levels of the 2021 Jeep Cherokee are ready to get dirty on off-road surfaces, though it goes without saying that their capacity to handle the challenges will invariably increase on the higher trims. 

If you start with the base, there lies a 2.4-liter inline-4 engine making a meager 180 horsepower to return a fuel economized mileage of 25 mpg from a combined trip. The next higher Latitude Plus uses a 3.2-liter V-6 engine making 271-hp and handles the undulations underneath better. Then comes a 2.0-liter turbo-4 engine powering the range-topping models with 270-hp and is able to soar through the muddy puddles without much hue and cry. 

Prioritizing Safety

As rightly pointed out by the Los Banos CDJR dealership, the support of abundant power alone is not enough to prepare a vehicle for off-road adventures. The vehicle will need a strong wall of safety to feel confident before plunging into an unpredictable landform. Jeep as a pioneer of SUVs knew this fact from the beginning. So, it is not surprising to know that the 2021 Cherokee models will have all the safety features and driver assistance technologies ready at hand. So, the one who handles the steering wheel gets the support of automatic emergency braking, active lane control, and blind-spot monitoring as standard equipment irrespective of the trim you choose.  

Other convenience features in the 2021 Jeep Cherokee include a 7.0-inch touchscreen display for the infotainment system, offering smartphone compatibility through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, 17-inch wheels, and a lot more. 


Ant Group IPO and the story of American expansion on the market in China

The current situation of the whole world leaves us with a lot of questions regarding the future of many enterprises and companies. Of course, we can observe some tech entities gain unprecedented momentum, but we can never be sure whether it will be kept or not. The last year’s listing of the Ant Group (the owners of Alipay) could be a good example of a vast development amid the global pandemic. Its value was estimated at $250, but the goal was to raise $35 on the debut in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

There are of course other world phenomena such as TESLA or Nasdaq, and we can only assume if they were an inspiration to the Chinese economists who planned Ant Group’s steps.

The opening of the Chinese market

Despite some controversies (such as the Luckin Coffee case for example), China seems to be caring more and more about foreign investors, and it looks like we might be witnessing a small opening of its market for companies from all over the world. Dr. Fang Xinghai, the Vice Chairman of the CSRC (standing for China Securities Regulatory Commission) has issued some statements which emanate with a sentiment for international cooperation.

In August 2020 he gave an interview, where he expressed the desire to cooperate with the United States, PCAOB (Public Company Accounting Oversight Boards) in particular. In his opinion, the decoupling that we have been witnessing in the past, benefits nobody and is bad for both sides.

His words seem to be converted into action, as in September Citi has been accredited to operate on the Chinese market as the first bank from the US. They got labeled as “Approved for Business” in the People’s Republic of China, which, as Disruption Banking’s Andy Samu observes, could not have been better news for the newly appointed Citi’s CEO.

But the Chinese approval is actually the result of a few years of hard work, which resulted in developing the bank’s securities in the Middle Kingdom. As David Russel, the Head of Securities Services in Citi APAC (Asia-Pacific) comments, the firm has “invested significantly” in the Securities Services Department in Shanghai. The plans go well beyond the current actions, as the officials want to strengthen their positions in fund administration and other services.

Apart from Citi, American Express and BlackRock have received similar approvals from PBS (People’s Bank of China) in order to work on their businesses. Others, like Vanguard, are still considering the possibility of opening a new office in Shanghai.

How do Chinese want to cooperate?

Only a few days after that interview Dr. Xinghai was a speaker at 2020 China International Annual Forum. On that occasion, he was speaking about how his organization is trying to tighten the international cooperation by allowing foreign investors to trade in China.

He also revealed that only 4.69% of Chinese stocks were in the hands of foreign investors with the value of $294 billion in circulation. That is a really tiny percentage, when compared to Japan’s and South Korea’s 30%.

With simple math, we can calculate that in order to achieve the 30% mark, investors would have to pump $1.9 trillion into the Chinese market and an investment that big could take years to be conducted.

To attract different financial entities from all over the world, the Chinese market must have a reputation of being a trustworthy environment. Because of that, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission has punished some institutions with a fine of Rmb 320m in total ($47m) in the early days of September 2020.

Among fined institutions we can find China Minsheng Bank, Guangfa Bank, Zheshang Bank, China Huarong Asset Management and Huaxia Bank. The main reason for the penalty was the alleged provision of financing for some real estate projects that would not meet requirements, as well as offering loans and selling some wealth management products to associated parties.

This case shows how Chinese authorities are not afraid to chase down homegrown firms in order to encourage foreign enterprises to invest in the county’s stocks. Andy Samu describes that as a certain level of maturity needed for the further development.

With that in mind, nobody should be surprised, when in the nearest future we will be seeing more and more American firms engage in the Chinese market. But is it such a lucrative option, really?

Some quants from companies such as Morgan Stanley, Sanford C. Bernstein and Macquarie Group Ltd. have recently hinted that this rapid development and glory days for Asian markets may be over soon. This could be well described by the phrase “momentum exhaustion”. Of course, as it is always, we will be seeing some exceptions, and Ant Group will most likely be among them.

To find out more about the future of the Chinese market and the American investments on it, we advise you to visit Andy Samu’s original piece on the topic, which was published on the Disruption Banking website. To enter it, simply click the following link


Why to Buy 2021 Chevy Trax Apart from Affordable Pricing?

Well, when buying a vehicle, one has to ensure that it is within one’s budget and also fulfills all requirements an individual has. Chevy 2021 Trax is one of the vehicles which are reasonably priced as it starts from just $22,395 (LS model) and $24,195 (LT trim). However, ample features and an efficient powertrain are a few of the things which make people purchase this vehicle apart from its affordable pricing. 

Have a look at this vehicle features and more to know why one should buy this vehicle other than the fact that it is reasonably priced before placing an order when visiting Morehead City Chevrolet dealer. 

Trax’s single-engine option 

One of the reasons why people opt for this vehicle is due to its more than enough powerful engine that makes commuting in this vehicle regularly bliss, especially when driving around in a city. 

The engine equipped is a turbocharged one (4-cylinder 1.4L) which generates 138 HP; this is more than enough for people who are looking to buy a car for everyday usage in a city or town. This engine is quite refined and the turbocharged aspect ensures that this engine offers enough punch for people to enjoy a ride. 

Steeping hard on gas pedal when on a highway increases the sound but provides ample acceleration to match it. Also, paired with automatic 6-speed ensures that gear changes are always smooth so that it doesn’t feel sluggish most of the time. 

Though Trax takes about 9.3 seconds to reach 0 to 60 mph, which is slightly slower than some of the rivals in this category; the steady handling and controlled ride offer a solid feeling. Also, its quick steering capability makes this car agile when parking it or find a place in a parking lot, or simply maneuvering through congested traffic in urban areas. 

Coming to brakes; when you take a test ride by going in a Chevy dealership Morehead City, you will notice that its brake is the best in this vehicle segment. They inspire confidence in drive and always feel firm and on-point always. 

Lastly, it offers ample mileage that makes it ideal for everyday usage. In city you will get 24 mpg and on the highway 32 mpg, which is much better than vehicles in this class. Performance-wise, these are the reasons people buy Trax apart from affordability. Now have a look at the features, tech, and interior styling. 

Simplistic yet beautiful interior 

Apart from performance and reasonable price, 2021 Trax’s interior is another reason people purchase this vehicle. The cabin feels airy and spacious due to high seating layout of this car. Well-placed and designed dashboard user-friendly mounted touchscreen, and overall it looks sophisticated enough in this price range. 

These are the reasons apart from affordable pricing as top why people are keen on buying Chevy Trax 2021 for solving their everyday commuting issues. With this car you can travel around in a city without any hassle and safely and also is a money saver due to its high fuel economy. 

Hence, all you need now is to get one for yourself immediately!


Know about 2021 Chevrolet Trailblazer’s Fuel Proficient Powertrain

Whenever an individual is looking to buy a vehicle that would be ideal for daily commuting, one of the first aspects he/she should check is how fuel-efficient the powertrain of a car is. When in Chino Valley Chevrolet dealership, one of the vehicles you should always go through is the 2021 Trailblazer and even take a test ride if possible to get precise details. However, without delaying time, have a look at the fuel proficient powertrain of the 2021 Trailblazer. 

Powertrain with high fuel economy

Powertrain details

Chevrolet decided to provide its customers who are looking to purchase 2021 Trailblazer with two variants of a 3-cylinder turbocharged engine. The first one equipped is a 1.2L engine that creates 137 horsepower, which is more than adequate for people looking to use this vehicle as a daily commuting option. The other option available is a 1.3L engine that produces 155 horsepower. 

The 1.2L option comes with an FWD drivetrain only and is mated with CVT (automatic transmission), while the 1.3L type provides AWD drivetrain as an option for people willing to buy it. Moreover, people selecting the AWD option get to enjoy the 9-speed smooth shifting automatic transmission instead of the CVT. 

Since it is a car that should be used for everyday journeys in a city, it takes about 9.4 seconds for reaching 60 mph from zero. However, it is quite a fun car to drive around in a city or town where one can drive it at a nominal speed unlike when on a highway. 

Even without an athletic chassis, this car is more than capable of handling curves, and its smooth suspension aids in having a swift road even on slightly bumpy roads. 

Fuel economy numbers 

Such a low turbocharged engine has an advantage wh9ich makes it one of the best vehicles in this category. It is a fuel-efficient vehicle which the EPA has stated that the version with a 1.3L engine will offer 29 mpg in the city and 33 mpg on the highway; both these numbers are much higher than other vehicles which fall in this segment. 

However, the AWD models reduce these numbers to 26mpg and 30 mpg in city and highway respectively, which is still better than most of its rivals. The fuel economy estimated by EPA for 1.2L versions are 28 mpg and 31 mpg in city and highway respectively. 

Now you can see why this vehicle is known to have the most fuel-efficient powertrain in this segment. If you are looking to have the best fuel economic vehicle, then you should opt for this vehicle when in Chino Valley Chevrolet dealer.  

However, when opting to buy this you will get a choice of five different models L, LS, LT, Activ, and RS. The starting price is $19,995 and goes high up to $26,495. It is recommended for people to purchase the 1.3L option model with an AWD drivetrain. 

So, you can visit the Chevy dealership and book a 2021 Trailblazer today. Also, get a test drive before you purchase to know how it feels and handles on road. 


Preventing and Handling Shareholder Disputes with the Help of a Business Attorney

Shareholder disputes come in many forms and litigation is a highly complicated area of the law. That is why business owners must have a litigator at their side who understands the law and has expertise in this area. The best Nashville business attorneys litigate complex disputes that involve privately held corporations, LLCs, and other related entities. Such disputes cover different issues related to corporate management and operations. Litigating shareholder disputes can be a long haul and a good attorney is willing to do the distance when necessary. 

Common Causes of Shareholder Disputes

Shareholder disputes happen when shareholders disagree in terms of corporate governance or some important details about the operations, finances, and other aspects of a company. These disputes can arise because of the following:

  • Breach of the shareholder agreement. Shareholders can have disputes over a sale of shares that violates the agreement, especially when the sale is made to a rival or competitor. Other shareholder breaches include a shareholder wanting to terminate the entire agreement against other shareholders’ wishes. 
  • Fiduciary misdeeds. Privately-held corporations’ shareholders have fiduciary duties to each other no matter where the business employs them. They are at least required to deal with each other honestly with candor and loyalty. But, major disputes can be triggered when shareholders have conflicts of interest with other shareholders or withhold important financial information from others. 
  • Business management disagreement. Shareholders of a company may have an issue with how the owner decides to run the company or if they decide to take in a new direction. Usually, this dispute takes place in a smaller, family-owned business. Sometimes, shareholders will have conflict over big purchases or new employee posts.

What Business Owners Do to Handle Disputes

Business owners should be prepared to handle disputes in advance to get on top of them right away instead of allowing them to drag on or escalate.  A reliable business attorney can set up an agreement in terms of the steps to take if and when shareholder disputes occur. Having a legal agreement will make sure that the dispute is settled quickly. 

A company director or owner should understand their role in the business, their rights, and their responsibilities. And they have to carry these out to the best of their ability. They are expected to be transparent in what they do and plan to do, communicate clearly with the other management and shareholders so these people will know what to expect. This can help reduce and resolve shareholder disputes quickly and responsibly. 


Why Delta 8 Gummies Become Highly Popular Among People

In the present time, the majority of people suffer from different types of problems. People highly focus on the best remedy to overcome issues every quickly. For this concern, delta 8 gummies become demanded option for people to quit the problem. This type of gummy is effective for people to get rid of the major problem that affects life. You can get potential benefits with the help of such a remedy. It acts as a powerful supplement that effective for a different range of treatment. You can get rid of anxiety attacks with this solution. It is advisable for people to visit the right shop and get a suitable form of gummies.

It is the perfect form of supplement that comes from CBD.

It helps people to feel better after using.

It is an excellent solution for people to relax their mind and body after heavy work.

It is perfect for people to feel the perfect body sensation and motivation.

You can make use of such a product with perfect dose and gain relaxing benefits.

You can consult with medical professionals and use the required remedy to overcome the issue.

You can read the important points carefully before going to buy such one.

Relieve from the pain easily:

It is a simple and easy solution for those who suffer from bodily pain and others. It is excellent to treat pain for a long time. It is ideal to treat chronic pain and provides wonderful support to people. It is the best way to lower the risk of inflammation and others that cause pain in the body. It activates the human ECS system to perform different functions like sleep, appetite, pain, and so on. You can make use of delta 8 gummies and gain a good outcome as soon as possible. You can treat the problem in an effective manner with the support of gummies. You can solve different problems easily with this simplest solution.

Manage the proper appetite:

People can face different health condition that causes the different problem. It is possible to affect the health condition of people. During such a scenario, you can use this type of remedy to overcome the different problems. You can consume the right amount of gummy depends on your health condition. You can get complete control of appetite loss and others with the use of gummy. You can increase your appetite and solve the problem easily. You can follow the right guidelines to use the simple remedy. People can achieve deep relaxation and benefits with this remedy.

So, you can visit the right shop today and browse the different forms of remedy as per your wish. People try to do a simple search over the web and pick up the right solution. You can use it correctly and get the positive effects on the body as soon as possible. The buying guide is very useful for people to get an idea about the product and buy them very quickly without any hassle.


Reasons to Buy a Used GMC Sierra 1500

With numerous reasons to look at, most people are opting for purchasing a used GMC Sierra 1500 rather than a new one. The primary reason is having to pay much less than a new truck. However, it is not the only reason to why more people are opting for a pre-owned truck when contact Idaho Falls Used GMC dealer. Below are the reasons listed that help people in deciding as to why choose a used pick-up truck. 

Take a look!

Saving Money 

The commonly cited and biggest reason that makes people decide to buy a pre-owned vehicle is that they will save money. When a new truck drives off the lot, there will be depreciation involved, irrespective of the truck’s physical condition. A new truck always fetches high price than one which has be used, though it might be in a similar condition as a new vehicle. Unless an individual is worried about someone drove a vehicle before him/her, he/she should stick to buying a pre-owned vehicle. 

Moreover, if a person is buying a used vehicle for work purposes, some people don’t care about the vehicle having a few bumps or bruises on the outside as long as it works perfectly. This aids in saving more money. With a used version, one will have the same experience as driving a new truck but it will cost less and is the reason people opt for it. 

Older models have better test crash rating 

Every individual will be happy knowing that older models of Sierra 1500 come with outstanding crash test scores. Crash-test scores is one of the chief concerns, which pick-up truck owners have, especially if an individual is thinking about buying a used truck. 

With Sierra 1500 labeled as a full-size safest truck in the market by NHTSA, makes it easy for people to be at mental peace when opting for a pre-owned GMC. Scoring 5-star in test score adds ample safety along with a list of other positive characteristics makes used Sierra 1500 the pickup to purchase. 

More options 

Choosing a pre-owned truck means, people will have more options than when going for a new model. There might be variants and trims that might not be available in a new year’s lineup. It means opting for a used truck offers more choice options to people that a new lineup can’t. 

Moreover, opting for used vehicles allows a person to get what they need such as special editions, which are released in limited units. If an individual missed out on it when it was released, simply getting it by purchasing a pre-owned one is the ultimate way to go. Also, used pick-up Sierra 1500 assists one to get particular features that might not be present in a new lineup or have been discontinued along with engine option, cab length, etc. when getting it from a dealer of used GMC in Idaho Falls.

So, now that you are aware of all the reasons to why more people nowadays are opting for a pre-owned Sierra 1500, it is high time for you to get in touch with used GMC dealers and book a preferable model for yourself. Hurry before it is too late!


Our Lasting Impression of the 2021 Volkswagen Tiguan

The 2021 Volkswagen Tiguan males one of those compact crossover models that can be considered as an ideal family mover. The spacious cabin not only invites you in its warm and cozy family space but also shuts you inside its calm and composed atmosphere. Its active noise cancellation system does not allow the outside world to hamper the inner peace.

For this year release, Volkswagen made its flagship model Tiguan grow bigger in its body length that now measures about 185.1-inch, that automatically give more space for seven adult passengers and their cargo items in its 37.6 cubic feet of space, confirmed the VW dealer Rancho Cucamonga.

Drive Fun

At the above mentioned dealership, when we took a test drive with the 2021 Volkswagen Tiguan models, the staff over there took pleasure in informing us about the “4Motion” feature, which is a name given by the automaker for the AWD configured models.

We got to know from the same place, that the 2021 Volkswagen Tiguan as a three row crossover model can be ordered in S, SE, SEL, and SEL Premium trims. They queue up in the same ascending order in terms of price as well as in the levels of comfort that is attained by heightening the quality of materials, and quantity of convenience features, that also include driver assistance and safety.

The 2021 model year version of the Volkswagen Tiguan model also offer an R-Line appearance package that can be implemented on the SE models, while it comes standard on SEL Premium trims. The aim of the appearance package is to make the 2021 Volkswagen Tiguan look more updated and stunningly impressive. The package includes some features for the cabins as well, such as the installation of an 8.0-inch touchscreen display, and an upholstery of soft synthetic leather.

Otherwise, the 2021 Volkswagen Tiguan models come in high quality cloth upholstery, sets up a 17-inch wheel, a 6.5-inch touchscreen display for the infotainment system that offers smartphone functionalities through the software like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. For connectivity, Volkswagen prepares all the 2021 Tiguan models with three USB ports evenly distributed in the three rows, while the advantage of heated seats can come as an additional feature at an extra price.

Horsepower Handling

All the models of the 2021 Volkswagen Tiguan are powered with a 2.0-liter turbo-4 engine paired to an 8-speed automatic gearbox to extract 184-horsepower. This is the standard powertrain across all the trim levels, in the 2021 model year lineup of Volkswagen Tiguan. This powertrain is essentially configured as front-wheel-drive, while you can drive it all four of them, as we mentioned above.

Our Test Drive Impressions

Our test drive with the 2021 Volkswagen Tiguan at the Rancho Cucamonga VW dealer brought us back with the impression, that it is one of the most ideal vehicles for a family in every sense. It not only makes driving a breeze through its lengthy list of driver assistance features but also fits in the best possible safety standards to ensure road safety in all situations. One can stay worry free, while enjoying the protection of features like automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control and active lane control and many more.


What Keeps the High Mileage Used Mazda Cars Rise in Demand?

Mazda cars are always on the top of the most popular cars. But recently, the market trend says, the used Mazda cars, that offer high mileage returns are rising more in popularity. The demand for the high mileage used Mazda cars is increasing day by day, reported a famous dealership where we see a good inventory of used cars for sale in Las Vegas.

This took an interesting turn, that compelled us to delve deeper in the matter, and find out the reasons that keep the high mileage used versions of Mazda cars rise in demand.

Mazda Skyactiv-X Engine Based Powertrain

It is not at all difficult to understand, why a large section of car buyers is preferring to invest in a used model of the Mazda cars, that have been released only the last year, or a couple of years ago.

But if one analyzes the sales record pattern, he can see, that models of Mazda that carry the SkyActiv technology are on much high demand than the others. The reason is simple. The Mazda model that comes equipped with this technology, will be able to score excellent marks in the performance test. But it does so without compromising on fuel efficiency. so, from the buyer’s point of view, they are doubly benefited by buying a recently released used version of Mazda, since that will be available at an affordable rate, just because it has been categorized under “used cars”.

Moreover, since it is a high mileage car that would ask lesser frequent visits to the pump station will have longer longevity of parts and other materials, people will throng to buy one. As a high mileage car would have costed much higher, when sold in brand new condition, a used one will automatically cut the price to a substantial amount, making it affordable for a large mass of buyers, while they would also get to enjoy the latest convenience and safety features, since the model is released in the recent years.

Architectural Pattern Found in Mazda Cars

The next-generation Skyactiv-X engine that is innovated by Mazda is usually seen installed in those Mazda models that follows a specific architectural pattern. It is based on the best aerodynamic design, where the car body makes the best use of wind energy, that can minimize the resistance against air. This automatically puts lesser pressure on the engine, allowing it to focus more on handling the road imperfections.

High Demand Powertrain

The dealership where we visited to explore the latest Mazda used cars for sale Las Vegas informed us that since the year the Skyactiv-X engine technology is being installed in Mazda cars, their sales record are shooting higher. Because of this high demand engine and powertrain combination, the market value of high mileage Mazda cars is taking a new height. But what is more surprising in all this is that people are showing more interest in buying used Mazda models of these high mileage versions, that use SkyActiv X technology, since it can strike a perfect balance between performance and fuel efficiency.